CREATIV is the Bay Area design studio of Kervin Ferreira, specializing in print and logo design.
Current headquarters of all things cool. Official sponsor of Awesome.

CREATIV is the online presence of Kervin Ferreira.

There is always room for misconceptions in the business world. To avoid any confusion, Creativ is not a corporate giant. There is no 3-story studio loft; no vast network of design employees. It's just me. Hence,

What began as a way to kill time, turned into a small business that is thriving every day. I used to make custom web layouts for friends just because I was bored—and because I loved it. "You're really good. You should start charging people." Little by little, the motivations started coming in. "Really? Charge for my work?" It seemed unbelievable, unreasonable even. It took me back to when I was in the fourth grade. In our building, I'd go knocking on my neighbors' doors with a folder filled with sketches. How could I forget that, even then, I wanted to make a living off my art!

I started by doing a few designs for cheap, including some non-profit work to get my feet wet. When the momentum was right, I left my position at a great paying job to go to work as my own boss. Here we are today.

I'm a self-employed graphic designer with a passion for bold, simple, clear designs. I'm a strong believer that designs don't need a lot of elements to get your point across; all you really need are the right ones. I can help you. If you require an identity for your business or a flyer for your next event, please feel free to contact me. If you would like a quote for a branding/logo design project, please fill out my logo design brief.

My goal is to become a household name. I jokingly said that to a friend recently, but, why not? Let's set the target high. I want to help my clients look professional and polished with a competitive edge. I want to design marks that inspire, the way I'm inspired by great designers. I want to be like Jerry Dior, in my late 70s, being interviewed about an iconic logo I designed 40 years ago.