CREATIV is the Bay Area design studio of Kervin Ferreira, specializing in print and logo design.
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I love seeing the creative progress.

The hardest part about being a graphic designer is getting your clients to see things through your eyes. When I’m sketching things down on paper for them to see, I’m already visualizing the finished product in my mind’s eye. Getting from point A to point Z is a tedious process that involves a lot of tweaking and improving. Here’s a quick look at my journey.

Mini Moi Toys
The client customizes miniature sculptures of people, characters, and celebrities. Initially, she wanted the logo to include a unique cartoon character. When she explained to me that her demographic were people over 18, who can afford and appreciate one-of-a-kind, handmade, original art, I talked her into going a different direction.

The alliteration in the name was perfect for me to take advantage of the double M symbolism. The capital and lowercase M is a play on the idea of a “mini version” of yourself. The singular M has been transformed, the way she takes the original dolls and molds them into something else.

I wanted something iconic, strong and memorable. I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Cuttooth Comics
The client desired a logo for his comic book business. He said:

“I would love Cuttooth to have a mascot, a minimal-themed creature of some sort, a bit sci/fi, a bit weird, but charming nonetheless.  A creature that lurks/sulks around the logo. If that sounds dumb, it’s because I’m high. If it sounds brilliant, it’s because I am brilliant.”

After casting such a wide net, I began trying to put a face on this thing. As you can tell by the initial sketches, I was all over the place. I was hellbent on making something majestic and powerful, while the client was asking for something softer. After many months, and lots of trial and error, we agreed that an earlier sketch was the best direction to take.

No pro'lem over here!
The client wanted a playful sticker with a witty saying he could pass around at his shows. While working on the design, the client also wanted the option of printing on T-shirts. Also, he wanted the design to look less like a generic cartoon, and more like him.

See You Next Tuesday
A good friend was starting her very own burlesque business. She wanted something that was sexy, without being x-rated. She said:

"I would like a burlesque dancer, perhaps sitting on her own feet blowing a kiss (though this doesn't have to be the position). I want to avoid any pin-up style drawings. I prefer sometihng a little more fun. I want it to be eye-catching, and I want people to be intrigued by the design. I want her to be a sort of mascot to my brand. I'd like the letters SYNT, and below it the famous phrase 'See You Next Tuesday.' The letters can be in any font, and dont have to be in a straight line, just fun, chic, and interesting."

Logo heavily inspired by the line work of Francois Dubeau. From a couple of strokes in my sketchpad, to the face of a new company. Isn’t that awesome?!